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Clutter Solutions - Get Your Pets on Target For Success

In getting organized around the house, one of the first steps is to make a written out plan.
Take a pen and pad and sit down for a bit to see what you can do quickly to organize.
Make a list of the items  needed for doggie care.
Does your Yorkie have hair products of his (or her) own? The Yorkie I am familiar with is named Arlo, so let's talk about what he does to help.
  Since he can't really do much on his own so  I have helped him develop his grooming area.
Originally, when we went to bathe, first the search began for his favorite shampoo.
Then we had to decide what to use for his grooming needs.
When we went to organize his area, we found a plastic tub just the right size to hold his towel, comb, brush and rinse for his sensitive skin.
I make it a point to have a special  toy just for bath time.
I use a new ball or chew to get his attention since bathing is not his favorite thing to do.
Even little animals can help to keep their areas clean.
He has learned to put his toys in a little basket at the end of the sofa.
They are so anxious to please.
A plastic bin or can with a lid that fits tightly is essential.
If you can keep the food area clean, it prevents rodents and bugs from moving in with the rest of the family.
I found setting aside specific items for doggie care and keeping them organized in a container up in a cabinet, really helped to declutter the laundry area and keeps the family area from being such as mess.
Falling over a dog toy is a real safety issue.
  I think you will be really surprised how much better a little planning and cleaning up will make your life.
It is so much easier and makes you glad to call your place Home Sweet Home!  For more tips and suggestions, check us out.

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