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How to Lose 25 Pounds of Belly Fat

    • 1). Know your fat. There are two kinds of abdominal fat. These are visceral, which is set deep in your body and packed around your organs, and subcutaneous, which is located closer to the surface, just under your skin. Both of these kinds of fat can be reduced, but they cannot be "spot targeted." This means that you cannot choose specific areas for reducing fat. Losing weight will be a total body experience.

    • 2). Know yourself. Maintaining a healthy weight is important. Being overweight can be dangerous, but so can being underweight; also, losing weight too fast can be dangerous. Make sure that you set healthy and realistic goals based on your ability and current physical state. Yo-yo diets (diets you pursue for a short time, then quit) are bad for your body and make it harder to lose when you resume your diet. Consult a physician or fitness expert to determine your healthy target weight and help you set a time line.

    • 3). Eat right. Good nutrition is essential to losing belly fat, or any fat. You're going to need to maintain a consistently healthy lifestyle if you're going to bust that belly fat. This means that a diet rich in vitamins and minerals is key, along with healthy fats (such as those found in avocados), whole grains, lots of proteins, and water for hydration. Specific dietary needs will vary, so consult a dietitian or do it yourself with the government's latest nutrition recommendations, called My Pyramid.

    • 4). Exercise. Fat is stored-up energy. To lose fat, you need to burn energy. An exercise program with cardiovascular and weight training will help burn fat the fastest. A minimum of 30 minutes a day is recommended, but 60 minutes is best. Try to mix up your cardio and weight lifting with a variety of workouts to keep it fun and to keep your muscles "guessing," or adapting.

    • 5). Be patient. It takes time to lose fat. Your belly fat may not disappear overnight; it may not even be the first area of fat that disappears, but eventually it will have nowhere to hide. Keep eating right and exercising, and you will burn not only that belly fat, but other kinds of unhealthy fat, too, which will lead you to a happier, healthier and longer life.

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