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How to Restore Automobile Car Doors

    • 1). Soak down the damaged areas with soap and water in order to prepare for restoration or repair. If the damage is extensive you may need to remove (following a manual) the entire car door in order to repair it. For instance, if there are dents in the door that need to be hammered into evenness, you may have to disassemble the door for the car. Otherwise, thoroughly clean scratches or other surface damage.

    • 2). Rub a contrasting color compound such as shoe polish or white-out within the crack of the door in order to fill the depth of the cracks. If the color of your car is white, use a black color compound. If the color of your car is black, use a white color compound. After the color compound dries, you are ready to sand the leftover material from the paint surface, preferably with ultrafine grit wet / dry sandpaper.

    • 3). Dip the sandpaper into cold water along with a few drops of liquid dish detergent, carefully and lightly stroking the scratch areas, moving up and down as well as in a circular motion. The goal of this activity is to make the contrasting scratch marks vanish from the surface without removing the clear-coat surface paint. If this occurs, then you will have to respray paint the surface.

    • 4). Make sure the sanded area is completely dry before checking for signs of scratches. If no scratches exist, use a rubbing compound to buff the sanded areas. Although a power buffer is more effective, a terrycloth towel and compound will work quite well. This activity should remove the sandpaper scratches.

    • 5). Finish restoring the door by removing the coarse compound with a soft cloth. However, you may need to use water to accomplish this. To get rid of circular or swirl motion marks, use a foam polishing-compound cloth along with a swirl mark eliminator. The intention is to restore the shine. When finished, examine and secure the surface paint with a good car wax.

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