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Retro Gaming Discussion - Super Scope 6 (Part Two)

Now we travel to the LazerBlazer games, the mission based games.
First up is Intercept.
Your objective is to basically intercept missiles coming from the right to the left, as the name of the game suggests.
You have three shots to work with but you get your shots back just by blowing up the missiles.
You have four different missiles to blow up, the more difficult ones appearing as you move on.
The farther a missile is, the more points it is worth when you shoot it.
You have to prevent five missiles from making the left side of the screen or you lose.
Next is Engage.
This game is fairly simple.
You have to shoot enemy planes that come your way with four shots to work with.
You get your shots back by killing the enemies.
You also have to keep an eye on missiles that come your way.
Basically shoot them as they come by.
As you move on these missiles speed up.
Five hits means game over.
You also have to watch out for your fuel supply.
And finally, we have Confront.
In this game you have an infinite amount of shots, and you have to shoot down enemy ships coming towards you.
In this game you have to do a bit of memorization as the ships you encounter have certain patterns you should note down before they unleash their shots.
Getting hit five times means game over again, and it gets far more challenging as you move on.
The gameplay in all six games is very decent.
If you can tolerate having that bulky bazooka on your shoulder for a long time you can have some fun with Super Scope 6.
Also, invest in some rechargeable batteries, as the Super Scope drains the battery power really fast.
Maybe about a week or so before the batteries need replacing.
The music isn't the best in the world in all six games, but it is tolerable.
The sound effects vary, from explosions to gunshots to pops to cracks and the like.
The graphics aren't outstanding, but at least you have a platform to work on.
Overall, if you liked the Nintendo Zapper, you will love Super Scope 6.
Six games to keep you occupied for a while, and the difficulty increase means you will be coming back for more to improve your score or just to hone your techniques down to the T.
I think you should have this in your arsenal, as it can get addicting if you can get past the big gun.

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